Banana Sushi

The Wall Street Journal reports that nationwide sushi purveyor Kura Sushi is offering caramel-banana nigiri on their menu.

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Crepe-ocalypse Now

harajuku2Just about everyone who visits Tokyo goes to Harajuku. Like  Ginza, Akihabara and Shibuya, it’s one of those neighborhoods that is synonymous with Tokyo. It’s the pulsating center of Japanese youth culture, the place to go for checking out the latest street fashion, people watching (what’s up with all the girls dressed like they’re going to a Little Bo Peep convention?), and eating crepes.

Wait… did you say crepes? As in those super thin pancakes invented by the French?

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Japanese Kits Kats + Awesome Customer Service

Here’s a very nice follow up to the post on Japanese Kit Kats that I did a few weeks ago.  RocketNews24 describes how someone in the United States recently discovered that they could order macha (green tea) Kit Kats from a Japanese vendor through Amazon.  What he ended up receiving in the mail was not just the Kit Kats, but also a handwritten thank you letter in English and three origami ninja throwing stars like the ones my childhood friends used to make.

Needless to say, he was absolutely impressed by this display of customer service and kindness.  It just underscores how nice people generally are in Japan.  We need more of that in the world.

Japanese Kit Kats

British blogger Haikugirl has a great blog dedicated to the startlingly wide variety of Kit Kat candy available in Japan. Nestlé makes special Kit Kats for various regions of Japan that reflects a particular dessert or food product associated with that area. So you can all sorts of interesting and exotic flavors in addition to the standard chocolate.

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Blue Seal Ice Cream: A Taste of America with a Big Twist of Okinawa

“Born in America, raised in Okinawa” is how the makers of Blue Seal Ice Cream aptly describe their product. Born after the end of World War II to provide American military service members stationed in Okinawa with a taste of home, it was was only available on U.S. bases until the 1970s when stores opened throughout the rest of Okinawa to serve the local population. Soon, Blue Seal was recognized as the ice cream of Okinawa itself, not just the Americans serving there.

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Dessert of the Gods: Sushi Donuts

Following up on yesterday’s post on sushi: RocketNews24 did a post on sushi-shaped donuts that are currently being sold in Thailand by Japanese donut chain Mister Donut.  Check out the commercials on their website.

Too bad they aren’t being sold in Tokyo.  Provides another reason for me to vacation in Thailand, though.