Banana Sushi

The Wall Street Journal reports that nationwide sushi purveyor Kura Sushi is offering caramel-banana nigiri on their menu.

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Barack Dreams of Sushi

Last night, President Barack Obama arrived in Tokyo on the first leg of a multi-day trip to Asia. It was dinner time, so Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took him out for sushi at a cozy little restaurant in Ginza called Sukiyabashi Jiro. Yes, that’s the Michelin three-star sushi restaurant that is featured in the acclaimed documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”  If you haven’t seen the film, you should definitely check it out — it will give you a deeper for appreciation for sushi and the level of effort and attention to detail that goes into making the very best.

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Keep Rollin’


Yesterday’s post about California Rolls and my trip to Nobu Tokyo got me interested in the history of the California Roll and made me reflect on my most recent sushi experience this past weekend. Continue reading

East Meets South: Nobu Tokyo

IMG_7411“No Ramen, No Life” normally covers places where average folks eat, but we wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to check out a high-end restaurant.  That’s what I did recently when I had lunch with my friend JB at the Tokyo branch of the world-famous Nobu. Continue reading

Dessert of the Gods: Sushi Donuts

Following up on yesterday’s post on sushi: RocketNews24 did a post on sushi-shaped donuts that are currently being sold in Thailand by Japanese donut chain Mister Donut.  Check out the commercials on their website.

Too bad they aren’t being sold in Tokyo.  Provides another reason for me to vacation in Thailand, though.

Sushi: Food of the Gods


A friend once declared that sushi is “the food of the gods.”  If that’s the case (and I certainly wouldn’t argue), then Tokyo is Mount Olympus and Tsukiji Fish Market is Zeus’s pantry.   Continue reading