Michelin Guide Japan 2014

Many of you will probably be interested to know that Michelin has released its 2014 guide to restaurants in Japan, including the Tokyo-Yokohama-Shonan area.  It’s available online, so there’s no need to run out and get a hard copy version.

Michelin rated restaurants are not the primary focus of this blog (though I would not turn down the chance to go to and write about one), but I would point out that some of the restaurants can be relatively affordable for lunch.  For example, the second place shown on the alphabetized list of Tokyo restaurants is a place called Akasaka Tan-tei, a one star which serves Okinawan cuisine in the Akasaka neighborhood. Lunch sets run from 1,800-8,000 yen, while dinner costs between 10,500-15,750 yen.

Hope you enjoy perusing the guide!


Blue Seal Ice Cream: A Taste of America with a Big Twist of Okinawa

“Born in America, raised in Okinawa” is how the makers of Blue Seal Ice Cream aptly describe their product. Born after the end of World War II to provide American military service members stationed in Okinawa with a taste of home, it was was only available on U.S. bases until the 1970s when stores opened throughout the rest of Okinawa to serve the local population. Soon, Blue Seal was recognized as the ice cream of Okinawa itself, not just the Americans serving there.

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