Sushi: Food of the Gods


A friend once declared that sushi is “the food of the gods.”  If that’s the case (and I certainly wouldn’t argue), then Tokyo is Mount Olympus and Tsukiji Fish Market is Zeus’s pantry.   Continue reading


Beyond Top Ramen: The Revelation


For most Americans and other Westerners, “ramen” probably means those bricks of dried noodles and powdered soup packets that you cooked for a cheap meal back in college, along with some random pieces of meat and vegetables if you were really fancy.  Or, it might conjure up images of Cup O’ Noodles in a Styrofoam cup – just add water, wait three minutes, and voila.  But to think that this is all there is to ramen is like thinking that the epitome of Italian cuisine is a can of Beefaroni from Chef BoyardeeContinue reading