Japanese Kit Kats

British blogger Haikugirl has a great blog dedicated to the startlingly wide variety of Kit Kat candy available in Japan. Nestlé makes special Kit Kats for various regions of Japan that reflects a particular dessert or food product associated with that area. So you can all sorts of interesting and exotic flavors in addition to the standard chocolate.

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Beat the Heat: Cold Yuzu Ramen at Afuri

IMG_7816 Afuri (阿夫利) is the gift that keeps on giving great ramen.  I went to the branch in Azabu-Juban again a few days ago to introduce the restaurant to a friend. It was a very hot, humid and sunny day and we weren’t really in the mood for hot soup.  Luckily, Afuri offers other ramen options better suited for the weather, including a summer special: cold yuzu ramen. Continue reading

Snack & Surf: Street Food at the Beach in Enoshima

Photo by: RocketNews24 (http://en.rocketnews24.com/)

It’s summer, which for many people (Japanese included) means it’s time to head to the beach for sun, sand, and surf.  RocketNews24 has an interesting article on various street food you can eat down in Enoshima, a beach community southwest of Tokyo and a short drive down the coast from historic Kamakura.  Whether it’s green tea ice cream in a cone shaped like a clam shell, octopus crackers or super-fresh, locally caught clams and other shellfish, there’s a culinary adventure to be had while hanging out by the sea.

Beyond Top Ramen: Hidden Treasure at Tsumugi in Akihabara

IMG_7629Akihabara is one of those neighborhoods that is synonymous with Tokyo. Its electronics shops and more recent stores dedicated to the obsession with Japanese comic books (manga) and animation (anime) represent many of the modern images that people around the world have of Japan. It’s also home to maid cafés and the wildly popular all-girl musical ensemble AKB48. If you visit Tokyo, Akihabara may be one of the places you will go to. And while you are there, you will probably at some point look for something to eat… perhaps ramen, at a place called Tsumugi (らーめん紬麦).

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Deep Fried Goodness on a Stick: Kushiage/ Kushikatsu

There are two things that seem to capture the primordial imagination of human taste buds everywhere: meat on a stick and deep fried food.  The Japanese have brilliantly merged these two concepts to create kushiage, also known as kushikatsu.  Continue reading

Sushi: Food of the Gods


A friend once declared that sushi is “the food of the gods.”  If that’s the case (and I certainly wouldn’t argue), then Tokyo is Mount Olympus and Tsukiji Fish Market is Zeus’s pantry.   Continue reading