Beyond Top Ramen: Noodles at Shichisai, Tokyo Ramen Street

My family and I were out near Ginza on a blistering hot and humid day in Tokyo and we figured it would make sense to go for some tsukemen at Tokyo Ramen Street, located in the basement level of Tokyo Station. The line at Rokurinsha (which wrote about recently) was long as usual, so we checked out the other seven stores that occupied the corridor to see who had a more reasonable wait. We decided to go with Menya Shichisai (麺や七彩), which is usually known for its shoyu broth ramen. They also make their noodles on site.

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Keep Rollin’


Yesterday’s post about California Rolls and my trip to Nobu Tokyo got me interested in the history of the California Roll and made me reflect on my most recent sushi experience this past weekend. Continue reading

East Meets South: Nobu Tokyo

IMG_7411“No Ramen, No Life” normally covers places where average folks eat, but we wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to check out a high-end restaurant.  That’s what I did recently when I had lunch with my friend JB at the Tokyo branch of the world-famous Nobu. Continue reading

Tsukemen: A Dip in the Noodles

You all know the gist about ramen: noodles in hot soup. But you’re probably much less familiar with tsukemen — dipping noodles. Continue reading

(Micro) Food Trucks in Tokyo

I was at the Tokyo International Forum near Ginza recently where I came upon a group of food trucks standing outside, ready to serve the lunch crowd.  Food trucks have been a growing phenomenon in major cities in the United States over the last several years, and Tokyo has its share as well.  However, the trucks are a lot smaller in Japan.  Some of them are basically converted micro-vans that are ubiquitous in this country.  Others are converted 1960s-area Volkswagen microbuses, which lend a cool retro/counterculture vibe. Continue reading

Beyond Top Ramen: Yuzu Ramen at Afuri

I’ll cut to the chase: the yuzu ramen at Afuri (阿夫利) is simply an excellent bowl of noodles, among the best you will find in Tokyo.  The shio (salt) and shoyu (soy sauce) versions of the yuzu-flavored broth are light and refreshing, with a nice citrus taste.  Continue reading

Deep Fried Goodness on a Stick: Kushiage/ Kushikatsu

There are two things that seem to capture the primordial imagination of human taste buds everywhere: meat on a stick and deep fried food.  The Japanese have brilliantly merged these two concepts to create kushiage, also known as kushikatsu.  Continue reading

Iron Chef: Team USA Battles Japan

I watched the rebooted Japanese version of Iron Chef tonight on Fuji TV, where three American chefs (Frank Ruta, Tony Maws, and Eric Ziebold) squared off against three Japanese ones (Jun Kurogi, Yosuke Suga, Yuji Wakiya) over the theme ingredient – American and Japanese beef.  Continue reading

Dessert of the Gods: Sushi Donuts

Following up on yesterday’s post on sushi: RocketNews24 did a post on sushi-shaped donuts that are currently being sold in Thailand by Japanese donut chain Mister Donut.  Check out the commercials on their website.

Too bad they aren’t being sold in Tokyo.  Provides another reason for me to vacation in Thailand, though.