Premium Membership at Ippudo


Last week, an elegant black box from arrived at my house — a gift from the famous ramen chain Ippudo. I have an Ippudo point card and have been steadily collecting stamps for each bowl my family and I have eaten (see my previous posts on their tonkotsu and seasonal ramen). Recently, I got enough to become a Premium Member, which meant that I received a black membership card that entitles me to free kaedama for myself and guests for a year, among other things.

But what about the black box?

As part of Premium Membership, Ippudo also sent me a special gift set which contained a number of goodies. The centerpiece was a commemorative Ippudo ramen bowl with the word “arigato” written on the bottom, along with a large soup spoon, and special Ippudo chopsticks.  The box also contained a kit for making two servings of the instant version of Ippudo’s ramen, as well as a souvenir Ippudo tenugui (Japanese cotton hand  towel).

I love the gift set, but there is one item not included in the package that I would like to get my hands on: an Ippudo t-shirt with the words “No Ramen, No Life” written on the back.  It’s worn by some Ippudo staff members in Japan, but I’ve been told that they are not for sale to the public.

Anyway, many thanks to Ippudo for the awesome gift!  What a great way to start off the new year!  I should celebrate by dropping by for a bowl of ramen.


2 thoughts on “Premium Membership at Ippudo

  1. They totally need to open a chain here in the States!


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