Kimukatsu and the 25-Layer Tonkatsu


Several months ago when I did my previous post about tonkatsu, I talked about the various kinds of tonkatsu you can get in Tokyo. One of my Japanese friends told me that I should try a place called Kimukatsu (キムカツ) which is famous for tonkatsu made not from one piece of pork cutlet, but rather 25 layers of thinly sliced pork stacked together and deep fried. Earlier this week, I finally got the chance to check out the main branch in Ebisu with two other friends.

Though I did not count to verify that there were indeed 25 distinct layers of pork, there were certainly enough slices to create a rather thick piece of tonkatsu. The meat was juicy and had nice texture, while the outside crust was nice and crunchy without tasting oily.


But wait, there’s more! Kimukatsu also serves layered tonkatsu stuffed with various ingredients. So my friends and I decided to share a four-piece set featuring the plain version as well as the cheese, yuzu and pepper, and black pepper tonkatsu. You can also get them with garlic, green onion, and plum and shizo (Japanese basil).

All of the stuffed variations we tried were very tasty. The gooey filling of the cheese tonkatsu was very delicious and went really well with the pork (the restaurant’s website claims that this item is the most popular with women). The one with yuzu and pepper was particularly juicy; it obviously had a citrus flavor, but I felt that the pepper part tasted more like bell pepper than the spicy pepper described by the website. The black pepper tonkatsu was good, though the black pepper taste was not as strong as I had expected.

Kimukatsu also offers a number of appetizers, ranging from tofu dishes, potato salad, and single servings of fried oysters, shrimp, or minced meat. All of it looked delicious and tempting. However, on this particular lunchtime trip, we thought that the tonkatsu, rice, and miso soup added up to more than enough calories for us.


There are branches of Kimukatsu throughout Japan, though some of them go by the name Genkatsu (ゲンカツ). However, you don’t need to go to Japan to eat at Kimukatsu if you happen to live in Los Angeles or Honolulu. A branch just opened in the Japanese neighborhood on Sawtelle recently, and there’s another store in Culver City, on Sepulveda between Washington and Culver Boulevards. In Honolulu, Kimukatsu is located in the Aqua Waikiki Joy Hotel on Lewers Street, between Kalakaua and Kuhio Avenues. There’s also a location in Seoul.

Locations: Various locations throughout Japan (including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, and Sendai), as well as Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Seoul. Tokyo locations include Ebisu, Ginza, Asakusa, Kichijoji, and Akasaka. The Ginza and Kichijoji stores go by the name Genkatsu. For more information, check out the Kimukatsu website (there is one for its Japan locations and one for its overseas stores).
Business Hours: Varies by location. The Ebisu, Asakusa, Kishijoji, and Akasaka locations open at 11:00am and generally close by 10:00pm or 11:00pm. Some branches also take a three hour break between lunch and dinner, from 3:00pm-6:00pm. Check their website for details (in Japanese).

One thought on “Kimukatsu and the 25-Layer Tonkatsu

  1. Wow, 25-layer Tonkatsu! That looks delicious.


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